Who We Are

 We are the founding coven of an order with our practice rooted in occultism and paganism. We are based in east Tennessee. We are crafting our own pagan revival path rooted in occultism because we interpret the old ways differently than other neo-pagan traditions. We focus on traditional pagan methods of celebration and worship while practicing witchcraft with an occult inspiration.

What We Believe

  We believe that the universe is a sentient and expansive being. This being is part of you and me and everything around us. This is the energy of stars and magic. This is also the cold and shadows. We call this the all. We believe that this is larger than our ability to clearly comprehend.

    In order to be more accessible, The All takes the form of the pantheons. We believe and affirm that these are also sentient beings that exist because of the existence of the various aspects of life and emotion. We believe that all ancient pantheons are interpretations of the same aspects and beings.

    We believe that we are part of the all. Since we are capable of experiencing all aspects, we are in of ourselves powerful. We also understand that all life carries a similar power. Even non living things are still part of the all. These beliefs guide us to hold our world, its creatures, and its surrounding universe with a strong reverence. 

    We practice witchcraft. We affirm that witchcraft is the ritualistic practice that enhances our understanding that we have the power to shape the energy around us. As beings of the all and as beings of the craft, we use witchcraft to harness, direct, and form energy with a purpose. We call upon gods and goddesses in a sacred ritual space to enhance our inborn power and to focus an aspect.

    We believe in the power of knowledge. We also believe that the world is not ready for all knowledge. Some people just are not fit to carry some powers. We are bound by a sacred oath of secrecy. The knowledge that we hold s is freely available to those of sound mind and spirit.

   There are many theories on death. We do not dictate the absolute end. This is left to the individual. However we do believe that for at least some period, we reincarnate. We do this to learn all that this world has to teach us. This knowledge is retained by the higher self. Our higher self and its knowledge guides us in life. Someone skilled enough can even tap this part of themselves directly.

    We believe that all of our lives, we were practitioners of the craft. Once a witch; always a witch. We affirm that there is a difference between a non practitioner and a witch. We do not attempt to define the reason for this. Whatever the reason may be, only witches are capable of working with, understanding and channeling magical energy directly.

    We are not an eclectic order. We find our strength in the solid direction of our path. 

How We Are Different

   We have chosen to journey away from the defined paths of current Neo-Pagan religions.  This is because large portions of the beliefs taught in these religions are unfounded in occultism or paganism. The most adept in these religions know this. They assert that these new traditions are interpretations of the underlying ideas. We do not contest the validity of any other belief, pagan or otherwise. However, we do retain the right to follow the old ways while being guided by our own interpretations.

    Most Neo Pagan religions borrow from occult ritualism ex.. directional quarters, alchemy, degrees …ect. Despite this, These religions usually distance themselves from occultism in favor of new age practices. We find power in studying the occult in all forms. We also embrace the experimental fundamentals of occultism.  We don’t claim to know all that this universe has to teach. We believe that through the teachings of the classical pagan traditions, experimenting, and studying we can endlessly expand our understanding of the unknown.

    In contrast, we distance ourselves from the modern new age inclusions to paganism. We opt to take a more traditional and realistic view of paganism.this includes the beliefs that:


  •  Our ancestors respected and celebrated the fauna of our world. In spite of this, they still ate meat. It is our view that we have the ability to eat meat and for this reason, doing so should not be vilified. If someone does choose to take nourishment from another being then we believe that life should be respected. Veganism / vegetarianism is not a pagan tradition.


  • Our ancestors were well acquainted with warfare. It is one of the aspects of all beings. peaceful living is always preferred but balance will always come in time. So like our ancestors, we celebrate the warrior tradition.


  • The shamans of old were humble people who lived a simple existence. We believe that this way of living is the reason they were the wisest of their people. If we simplify our lives then we allow knowledge and wisdom to fulfill us.


  • We also believe that all natural desires are blessed by their very existence. Desires of the body should not be stifled if they are not harmful to others.


  • We believe in true balance. This includes light and dark; masculine and feminine; ect. We believe that it is valid to follow a path of light or dark. This is necessary for balance. By extension light and dark does not mean good and evil.




   Paganism is a broad classification. This covers many cultures and traditions. There are conflicting practices in Neo Pagan groups due to their origin tradition source. In some religions varying opinions are common in the same group. In our order, we have standardized our doctrine among our members for stability. For example, a common debate among witches is to practice skyclad or robed. We practice in dedicated and consecrated robes.